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When I first started to learn Spanish many years ago, I wasn’t very good. At one point, once I had fulfilled my school’s language requirement, my teacher recommended that I stop taking her Spanish class. She felt that I didn’t have the ability to succeed and become truly fluent. I didn’t take her advice and I continued on.

The following year, something in me ‘clicked’. I became obsessed with Spanish and I started watching tons interviews of Shakira and other Spanish clips on Youtube or on Netflix. What changed was that the language suddenly became fun. I started to understand more and more and the feeling of wonder and amazement it gave me was insatiable (meaning I couldn’t get enough!).

By the end of the year, I had gone from being the worst in the class to the best in the class. I later went on to date a Spanish speaker and live in Spain for 2 years.

Learning Spanish completely changed the course of my life. It opened new doors, opportunities and relationships I never would have found if I didn’t know the language. Every day, I am grateful for the wonder and curiosity I have for languages. My goal is to help you improve your English so that more opportunities and beautiful experiences open up to you like they did for me.



Courtney Miller


Courtney is a world traveler that loves to teach English. She earned her M.A. degree in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Maryland and has been teaching English for over 7 years. She has a wide range of teaching experience both in and outside of the classroom. From children, to professors and immigrants, she’s enjoyed working with hundreds of people from a number of different countries.

During our classes, I improved my pronunciation and I gained some new useful vocabulary and idioms that I now use in my daily conversations. It has helped me to improve my oral communication skills and my confidence in speaking English. Barbara

Clinical and Marketing Manager, PhD

I am learning and having fun in Courtney’s classes. I believe that I have gained significant growth on my conversational skill, vocabulary and grammar. She helps me to build up my confidence through the classes and my homework. She knows the reason when I find some knowledge points that are difficult to comprehend, she is able to find solutions to guide me out of my confusion. Celia

Restaurant Owner

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

– Mahatma Gandhi