35. British vs American English

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British vs American English Differences

  1. Accent (pronunciation) 

Laboratories, schedule, tomato, advertisement, either, mobile, often, semi, aluminum, speciality, mommy, “z”


  1. Vocabulary


Truck lorry

Trunk boot

Hood bonnet

Pants trousers

Underwear pants

Tank top vest

Vest waistcoat

Sweater jumper 

Suspenders braces

Sneakers trainers

French fries chips

Potato chips crisps

Cookies biscuits

Zucchini courgette

Eggplant aubergine

Apartment flat

Line queue

Blinker indicator 

Eraser rubber

Mail post

Elevator lift

Diaper nappy

Bathroom loo

TV telly

Popsicle ice lolly

Flashlight torch

Garbage rubbish

Trashcan bin

Soccer football

Crosswalk zebra crossing

Period full stop

Well dressed smart


  1. Grammar / Sentence structure

USA                 UK

Do you have…? Have you got…?

Should we go? Shall we go?

You need not attend. You needn’t attend.

Take a shower Have a shower


  1. Spelling 

USA                UK

-er   “center” -re   “centre”

-nse   “defense” -nce   “defence”

-ize   “apologize” -ise   “apologise”

-or    “color” -our    “colour”

-l with suffix “traveling” -ll with suffix “travelling”

-ed past  “learned” -t past  “learnt”


  1. Slang

USA       UK

Pooped Knackered

Hammered Wankered

Ruffle your feathers Have your knickers in a twist

Pissed (angry) Pissed (drunk)

Knicknacks Bits and bobs

Shotgun Bagsy

Dude Bloke

Peeved Cheesed off

Psyched Chuffed (pleased)

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