34. You Married Your Parents

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ImagoA persona you’ve created in your mind of the most important traits of your parents
SubconsciousThe part of your mind that you don’t have active access to 
RecollectionFrom recall or to remember 
Coding memoriesStored as a system of figures, letters or symbols. For example, we have the verb coding which is the act of creating a language that the computer understands and responds to. In this case, we are coding our memories and storing them away. 
Someone who is outgoing and charming in a way that makes people like them
“Ding” is onomatopoeia or a word that also seems like a sound. When something dings, it usually means you have a realization about something.
To tell as story about something in your life
To reflect the same situation/thing back to you. For example, my life mirrors my mother’s life. We both ended up divorced.
To embody is to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling). For example, she embodies what it means to be gentle. That means she is an expression of this quality. 
Bridge (that pain)
 To close the gap between two distant points. In this case it’s figurative about bridging the the gap between the pain of your past with your present so you can heal it. 
Triggering her
Upsetting her
LiberatedTo feel or be free 

Idioms and Collocations

It clickedYou realized something; it all made sense in that moment


1. Do you see traits in your parents that match the traits of your partner?

2. What is your Imago like?

3. What is a charismatic person like?

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