33. How to know you’ve found the one

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BreweryA place where beer is made commercially. 
Exclusively date (to be exclusive)To only date that one person 

To only date on person


Something that is different; it deviates from the standard or normal

Grey area

Not black and white, not clear cut. It can be two things at once, not just one or the other. 

Someone who doesn’t believe in God.  
Fleeting (emotions)
Lasting for a very short time 
Fade away

To slowly go away

Premarital counseling

Therapy or counseling before marriage that asks you and your partner difficult questions (among other things) to ensure you’re ready for marriage.

In depth



 In the near future; able to be seen or predicted

Tally up (the points)

To count up 


 A minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.

Root her on

To encourage or cheer someone on 

Teary-eyed With tears in your eyes (but not falling necessarily).  

 Loving, positive comments or sayings

IntertwineTo connect or closely link two things together, often twisting them together 
CognisantAware of  

To spin in a circular motion downward. We often say “to spiral out of control”. Think of the action of a tornado and imagine that we are using this in a figurative way to show someone’s downfall. 

Career arch

Someone’s career trajectory or path

Line dancing

A type of dancing to country/folk music. A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows, all facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time.

Mixed drinks

Alcohol mixed with juice or a soda is a mixed drink.


Like a nail

Fire pit

The place where a fire is dug into the ground outside

(Rose) petals

The part of the flower that is pretty and soft that you remove and put on the ground or bed when you’re trying to be romantic. 


Causing nervousness

(It was a little) drawn-out 

When something lasts longer than it should or is expected, you say it’s “drawn-out”.


Idioms and Collocations

Love at first sight

This is an idiom that means you fell in love the first time you saw someone.

Pick up where you left off

To start something where you stopped it, despite a long time passing. This is a saying we use with good friends that we haven’t seen in a while, but when we do it feels like we were just talking to them yesterday.

I’m of the belief that…

 “I believe that”

To be on the same page

To agree with someone about something

To bring (something) up
To address an issue with someone 
Under the guise …

A guise is an external form that hides what’s underneath. So we mentioned people go on dating apps under the guise that they’re looking for a relationship, when in reality they’re just eager for a hookup. 

No pun intended

A pun is a joke using the different possible meanings of a word. When you say “No pun intended” it means that you aren’t meaning to make a pun funny. For example, Brentley said he didn’t mean to make a joke about the common word. He said, “to be on the same page” and his fiancee is named “Paige”. 

To go the extra mile

To go above and beyond what is normally expected; to do more than you’re asked or expected to  

Salt of the earth

 Someone who is very humble, worthy and reliable (a good honest person).

Say (something) in passing
To say something quickly without drawing attention to it. To just mention something briefly in conversation that you are not focusing on.  
Fall by the wayside
Fail to persist in an endeavor or undertaking. 
See eye to eye on somethingTo agree about something 
That’s just the name of the game“That’s just how things are” 
Just shy of 2 years

 Just under; “just shy of + a number”.

Go off without a hitch

To happen without any issues arising

Happy wife, happy life

The classic saying that when your wife is happy, you will also be happy!



1. What are your 5 love languages you like to receive? 

2. What advice would you give to couples? 

3. What age do people normally get engaged in your country?

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