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After years of working with intermediate-advanced English speakers, we’ve gathered the perfect resources to meet your specific needs.

As a language learner myself, I’ve struggled to feel confident while speaking in another tongue. However, I’ve realized that all I needed was consistent practice and a little guidance in order to feel relaxed and self-assured in every scenario.

Through my personal journey to fluency and helping others achieve this as well, I’ve come to intimately understand the language learning process. Over the years, I’ve noticed that my advanced students always have similar errors and similar needs. However, there seemed to lack an online presence that addressed those specific needs.

This is why I started Wonder in English.

I hope that, in this community, you will be challenged to grow beyond the level of being “understood” to the level of “freely expressing yourself with charisma, intelligence, and emotion”. This state of fluency will help your work relationships and open up many doors to future possibilities.

Learning another language has changed the course of my life completely. Now, I’m ready to help you change yours.



Founder of Wonder in English

I would 100% recommend Courtney’s classes to others for the following reasons:

Reason 1: Courtney is dedicated to her work. She is well prepared for each class with clear structures. As result of that, I am learning and having fun in her classes. I believe that I have gained significant growth on my conversational skill, vocabulary and grammar.

Reason 2: Courtney is very patient. She always encourages me to express my opinions freely and leads me to think deeper. She helps me to build up my confidence through the classes and my homework.

Reason 3: Courtney has a deep understanding of the learning process. She knows the reason when I find some knowledge points that are difficult to comprehend, she is able to find solutions to guide me out of my confusion.


Cafe Owner

During our classes, I improved my pronunciation and I gained some new useful vocabulary and idioms that I now use in my daily conversations. It has helped me to improve my oral communication skills and my confidence in speaking English.

I would definitely recommend Courtney’s classes to others. Courtney is super flexible and she always provides varied tools and teaching material to make our classes super interesting. Beyond helping me to improve my English communication skills, Courtney introduces new topics into our weekly classes to create interesting debates that had contributed to enrich my general knowledge and to embark myself on a personal journey.

Courtney is the best teacher I have ever had!


Clinical and Marketing Manager, PhD

Courtney helped me with my essay writing skills. Not only she helped me in structuring essay correctly, but also helped me in the grammar. Moreover, she has provided me notes throughout the session, which absolutely enhanced my writing skills for IELTS exam.



I would recommend Courtney’s classes because they are well structured and made easy for me to learn and understand. I’ve learned new vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and more.


Salon Owner